Which is better: In-house or an outsourced SEO

Internet marketing is growing in leaps and bounds! The simple reason is that most people can now access it easily. So, companies are taking advantage of it. Do you want to fall back in this competition? Definitely not! Strive ahead with SEO strategies as your accomplice.

SEO services can be integrated in two ways! You can either take an in-house approach or outsource it. An SEO consultant in Sydney like SEO North Sydney can help you in this regard. You can either hire one of these companies or employ your own staff to handle content optimization (or even handle it yourself).

What do you do: in-house or outsource the SEO Duties?

SEO is an important tool in improving online presence and visibility! So, you will have to use it for your website. Now, the question that arises is whether you create a team yourself, handle it yourself or outsource it to SEO companies. Are you confused? No need to be confused any longer! We are here to solve all your confusions. Look at the pros and cons for yourself!  

Here are the pros and cons of both routes:

1. In-House SEO Team:


  • An in-house team of SEO experts will know the goals and needs of the company, so they will able to formulate a good strategy for optimization.
  • You have full control over the strategy formulation and how it is executed. Implementation of changes is easy because the team is sitting within your office premises!
  • The experts will work solely on your project, which a freelance or professional expert would not be able to do. So, there will be no chance for any errors.
  • Outsourcing can cost you more than in-house SEO services, only if you handle it all yourself!


  • Scenario and algorithm of Google is changing everyday! This means you will have to research and read up on the updates, which takes time away from other crucial tasks. Otherwise, you could hire a team of experts for the SEO services, which will cost same to task outsourcing.
  • SEO needs a lot of tools, not all of them are free! In fact, some can burn through your pockets. As you are a lone company, you will have to bear the whole cost of using them.
  • SEO is not a simple concept, there are many aspects. So, you will need experts, who know all the aspects. One person cannot be an expert in it all.

2. Outsourcing to SEO companies:


  • You will have a team of professionals, who have diverse skills! So, they will never hit a wall, when it comes to handling problems across all the SEO aspects.
  • The company is about SEO, so everyone will always focus on their SEO responsibilities. No other aspect will distract them. On top of that, they have many teams, so one team will only focus on your SEO needs.
  • The companies have dealt with numerous clients. So, they have solved various problems. This means they will be able to handle all kinds of issues.
  • You will be saving money. As the SEO companies have numerous clients, the cost of SEO experts and tools is shared within all their clients, reducing your cost!
  • The company professionals are experts and hence complete the task faster!


  • Outsourcing may cost a bit more than in-house SEO management, but only if you are handling the in-house SEO responsibilities. A team of experts at your company will cost the same, because, you will have to invest in the SEO tools as well.
  • The company does not have any idea about your company’s goal and aim! But, if you hire a reputed SEO company they will be able to grasp it all in a few days – requirement gathering and grasping is an integral part of client service.

If you look at the pros and cons of both, you will be able to see clearly that the outsourcing is the smarter option. Why take the stress on yourself? Hand it out! Just make sure that it is a reputed SEO company. They will handle all the tasks and bring you success in the form of brilliant SEO strategies!


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