Internet Marketing for Special Occasions

Are you one of the very few that take advantage of upcoming events or popular occasions. For example when Michael Jackson died, every one started trying to milk it heavily and create fan sites and anything else they could make a buck from, sad but true. The same happened with Obama, as soon as he became president site owners sold Obama t-shirts and anything else they could think of.

Just a few days ago there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti. The top search term according to google trends this month was “Haiti Quake”. Will we see an increased amount of haiti sites and support groups on the internet. The answer is Yes. There are already more then 500 groups with some groups which have over 200,000 members already in each group.

Whether the cause is out of donation or charity or support or just pure love, there will be another site related to another occasion to either help or gain benefit from.
There is always good and bad in the industry. When you see something is starting to bubble you can take advantage of it big time. “Iraq” was also one of the major search terms for a very long time. When the iphone came out hundreds and thousands of site owners started getting in on developing iphone applications.

I tend to use Google trends often, it can usually tell you what the most popular search term is for the month, and you can set up a site based on that.
Even domain name investors regularly check the global news and what is new in the industry. If there is a special name ready to go wild, they will register it!
But the question is what works for you? Have you recently taken part or had any experience in this area?

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