Improve Traffic And Back links Through Image Optimization

When there is search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), there is what we call image optimization. Image optimization has the same function with search engine optimization and web optimization, which deals with optimizing your image to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As you can see, the big three search engines has their own image pages which the searchers may enable to search the images that they’re looking for. They just simply type “Google Images”, “Yahoo Images” or “Bing Images” in the search box, and the result would be on the first rank.

When they use the image search engine, as they type the keywords all of the results would be images or pictures that are related to your keyword.This is extremely useful for photo stock sites or wallpaper sites, artist or even logo design sites any site that needs to promote their images leading to more clicks back to their site.

If you think your keyword is not good enough for your site to rank on the top of Google, you can try setup and create your own image to rank higher. Of course, without captions or title of the image it will not going to optimize well. You can optimize your images through uploading it on your forum profiles, social networks, social media, social bookmarks, or your own blog.

If you own a website or a blog, you must put your customized image as a logo or it can be featured within your blog posts. In that way, when a visitor types the keyword on the search box which matches the keyword of your image, the results will appear and you will be one of the potentials to be seen in the image search results. You can also submit your own customized image or picture to social bookmarks, image directories and many more.

This is another version of search engine optimization (SEO), in an image mode which you want to spread your image to the internet. It will give you more backlinks and traffic to your profiles on different sites that you’ve joined. Even without a website or blog, but you market your image to everyone in the world through optimizing it, you can still gain popularity and your visitors become attracted to your image. Once they are attracted, they might check all of your profiles and links that are attached to it.

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