How To Optimize Your Article Marketing Strategy

Once you have mastered the art of creating interesting and useful content that people love to publish on their own websites, the next step to make a success of your article marketing strategy is making sure it is as optimized as possible. Optimizing your article marketing strategy means getting the most bang for your buck, in this case time spend creating and distributing your content in exchange for visibility, links and incoming traffic to your website. Individual attention needs to be paid to optimizing both the time spent writing, the time spent submitting articles and the selection of directories where those articles will be available.

When optimizing the content writing part of any article marketing strategy is important to remember that sacrificing quality can easily backfire. Nobody wants to publish articles that are written by spinning software and read like a bunch of SEO keywords loosely tied together with grammatically incorrect English. If you write better quality articles, more people will republish each of them and your traffic will increase even steadily. At the same time, those articles will be published in higher quality sites, increasing the chances of sending you high quality traffic. This doesn t mean you need to write all your content in-house. It is possible to outsource high quality content writing, but remember that if you are paying extremely low rates and outsourcing to countries where English is their third language it s unlikely you will get great or even unique content.

Optimizing your article marketing strategy also involves taking a look at the distribution of those articles. While submitting to thousands of article directories is trivial, using article submission software, only a few of those directories will put your articles in front of the right type of publishers for your niche. Some article directories have much more strict editorial guidelines, and that means the average value of their content is higher, and webmasters looking for high quality content will go there instead of browsing through thousands of useless submissions. Making sure your content is readily accessible and associated with other high quality content can go a long way towards increasing the traffic and conversions you get from it. At the same time, optimizing the content for frequently used search engine keywords can encourage more webmasters to publish it.

By carefully crafting your articles to be SEO friendly, original and interesting and making sure they can be found on the most exclusive article directories of your niche you can greatly optimize your article marketing strategy, and get the maximum effect from each written word and directory submission. This way you can reduce the costs, be it money or time, to a level that produces the maximum return on investment for your article marketing strategy without sacrificing its quality.

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