What To Consider Before Buying a Mini Laptop

Over the last decade we have gone a long way with technology and what is available to the consumer market. Not long ago we only had cell phones that were the size of an average brick to the old desktops that were slower than our PDA’s we have today. We have come a long ways needless to say and Mini Laptops are just another remarkable piece of technology to add to the list.

A mini laptop is becoming more and more popular today with the use of the internet and social media. More and more people are moving away from the standard laptop and going to the mini laptop computers. The reason for this is because of the size and due to the latest technology allowing us to have incredibly fast light weight computers. With the dawn of social blogging and media sites more and more people are looking for ways to get connected and have the ability to do it from anywhere. The light weight mini laptops are the answer to the consumer demands.

Across the world you are finding more and more places to hook up to wifi and local area networks. With the combination of a mini laptop and internet at most large public locations people are moving online. Even the baby boomers of today are finding themselves online and Tweeting or FaceBooking. With this more and more people are looking for are the best buys and features that are available for a mini laptop computer.

There are many things to consider when out looking for a new laptop. First of all you need to determine what the main use of the laptop is going to be for. Do you want it for work? Or is it something that you plan on using for video intensive games? Can you find all your laptop accessories that you may want? You’re going to need to make a list of what you would like you laptop to be able to do before you head out shopping. With mini laptop computers you find that they tend to be more for the social media and internet. Due to the size they are not able to have the graphics cards that would be required for most of today’s games. So if you’re looking to play most of the modern games you see on the shelves today you’re going to have to get a large sized laptop that would have all the necessary upgrades etc. However, if you’re looking for something to just write emails and watch videos or do the social thing online then you should look no further than a mini laptop.

Acer mini laptops are among some of the most popular models on the market right now. They are popular due to the features they have and due to the costs. People don’t realize that you can find a mini notebook online for as low as 100 dollars. Price all depends on the size of the monitor or quality of picture. What CPU does you have and the type of graphics card. When looking at all the features that are offered make sure that you at least get the second to the highest CPU offered. You may not be able to afford the top rated CPU that is offered in the laptop but you should go for nothing less than the next one down. Reason for this is that you will find that anything lower they really didn’t test as much and the machine would run a lot slower than you would want. The next thing is if you plan on having a notebook that is used for watching videos and movies make sure you select a nice graphics card and monitor. They standard monitor that comes with a laptop usually is the low resolution type and upgrading can make a big difference in picture quality and back lighting. When your sitting at work or on a plane you want to make sure you can see the screen of your laptop. A lot of times you will find that it’s difficult to see what’s on the screen due to other lighting that is around. So when you look at upgrading your laptop monitor make sure you take into consideration the backlighting that will allow you to see images better. The brighter the better since you will be able to see more clearly if ambient light around.

As you can see there are many things you should consider when looking for a new laptop. With the new mini laptops out now it’s a great choice for someone who is looking for a mobile easy to use notebook that can connect to the internet and function for most business needs. It can be a great tool for children in school since they are able to carry it with ease and can hook up to networks were ever needed. Just remember to make sure you have your list of desired features before you head off to the checkout and make your purchase. You don’t want to be disappointed knowing you got a system that didn’t work as well as you thought it would.

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