Tripwolf, free tourist guides to enjoy the Christmas season!

Months ago we told you about the App Yap competition that we organized with WYSTC and today we have great news from the proud winner: 5 Free Guides per Day for the Christmas Season, starting today, november 29th. Great way to start counting down for Christmas and its markets!

As you all know, in Internet Advantage we love travel and travellers, and we really think Internet is changing the way we enjoy it. That’s way we are so excited with tripwolf, a top mobile travel guide. They are offering five different city guides for free (normally $4.99 USD) per day for 14 days…the whole world in your pocket!!

tripwolf users will be well-equipped for their upcoming holiday travels with the tripwolf mobile travel guide. The tripwolf travel app is available on both the iPhone and Android and includes offline maps, an Augmented Reality viewer, and solid travel content by the tripwolf community and renowned travel guide publishers such as “Marco Polo” and “Footprint”.

Today, November 29th, Rome, Munich, Zurich, Warsaw and Innsbruck are available for free download in iTunes and the Android market. A schedule of all the free downloads tripwolf will be offering can be found on the tripwolf blog.

Currently tripwolf offers over 150 guides to the most beautiful cities and destinations in the world – all available from the Android market and iTunes store. In the last months the most popular destinations were Berlin, Rome and New York – all of which will be offered for free during the 14-day giveaway.

At the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Barcelona, we recognized tripwolf as a pioneer in mobile travel apps and a great app for youth travelers. The jury voted for tripwolf over 40 other apps that took part in the contest due to its functionality, sleek look, and many useful features.

About tripwolf:

tripwolf is a personal online travel guide, which is also available on mobile phones as a travel app. tripwolf combines traditional travel information from travel guides such as “Marco Polo” and “Footprint” with up-to-the-minute, high-quality travel tips from thousands of travelers from around the world. Users can download content for hundreds of destinations and thousands of sights, restaurants, hotels and more and individually create a custom guide and then download the PDF. With over 850,000 downloads, the tripwolf iPhone app is one of the most successful travel guides on the market; since mid-June 2011 the app is also available for Android smartphones. At the moment, more than 100 guides to the most beautiful cities in the world are available as in-app downloads, and new guides are continuously being added.

tripwolf is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Founded in 2008, tripwolf GmbH is led by Sebastian Heinzel and employs an international 15-member team based in Vienna.

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