Placing Remarketingtags will cost less work!

Before you start an AdWords remarketing campaign you first have to place the remarketingtags. These tags will provide customers with a cookie which Google needs to recognize them in the Display Network.

Unfortunately, you need to tag for each page. This will cost a lot of time, especially for those companies which depend on other departments or businesses. That is over and done with! Last week, Google accommodated the remarketingtags through which you can place the same tag on all pages. On the basis of this tag you can make different remarketinglists based on the URL’s.

Remarketing will be a lot easier to start with. But what does this mean for companies which have already started with remarketing and have created large cookiepools?

According to Google it’s advisable to start with this new feature immediately. There are different possibilities for existing users to place the new tag. In our belief it’s handy to follow the steps mentioned below. This way you will prevent ending up with a lot of different tags on your website and it takes the existing cookiepools into account.

Add the new tag to all pages on your site.
Create new remarketing lists based on URLs.
Wait for those lists to be populated with site visitors. When your list is set with a 30-day duration, wait for 30 days. This way the new list will have the same amount of cookies.
Change your existing campaigns to target these new lists.
Remove the old tags.
Close the old lists.
At the end of this summer you will also be able to create marketinglists by Google Analytics. You don’t need to tag your pages twice and your cookiepool will fill rapidly with visitors from different sources. So, if you use Google Analytics please wait for this function before you continue your remarketing.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t receive the results they hoped for. If you need any help with remarketing campaigns don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you.

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