Mini Laptop Computers: Know When to Get a Mini Portable Computer

Mini laptop computers or NetBooks were designed to cater to a person’s basic computing needs and Internet usage. The popularity of these tiny portable computers however has opened a much wider market and NetBooks are now almost on the same level as standard laptops.

Mini laptop computers are very portable at less than two pounds with LCD screen measuring 6 to 10 inches diagonally.

Entry level NetBooks are ideal for students to exchange emails, surf the Internet, do homework and play games. Older users who have little computer experience can also get one of those uncomplicated mini laptop computers as a good way to be introduced to the net and other basic computing tasks. These NetBooks are quite handy to have at home especially if all computers are being used and someone needs to go online.

Mini laptop computers also provide convenient Internet access on the go. These machines may not appeal so much to power users though. That is because NetBooks have no capacity to store video or music libraries and install applications. One can extend storage using a USB stick however it is more convenient to get a machine with higher storage capabilities.

Since mini laptop computers also have smaller keyboards, this is a problem for users with larger hands. Touch typists also find it hard to use the tiny computer when typing.

If you are interested in getting a NetBook, you must know what operating system you may be getting. Some manufacturers specializing in PC notebook models may not use Windows based operating system instead they may use a Linux system. For many people used to the Windows operating system, a Linux based mini laptop computer may not be as user friendly.

Those who intend to use their portable computers mostly for gaming or any resource-intensive programming, a NetBook may just be too slow, jumpy or may freeze up. In this case, a standard portable computer will be more favorable than a mini laptop computer.

Where NetBooks really excel is their portability and aside from this, their battery life is also good. Since these small portable computers have smaller screens, their battery life lasts longer. A NetBook’s battery can last for 6 to 8 hours on the average.

If you are always on the go and need a computer for basic computing tasks, the portability of a NetBook and its long battery life is ideal for you. However if you intend to use your portable computer for multi-media applications and you require bigger memory space, mini laptop computers are not an option for you.

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