Laptop Privacy Screen: The Benefits of Using a Privacy Screen for Your Portable Computer

A laptop privacy screen or also called laptop privacy filter makes the image on your portable computer’s screen visible only to you. This means that others who are not in direct view of the screen cannot see what you are looking at therefore you can enjoy a little privacy even if you are in a public place like in a park or a local café.

Even if you do not have a portable computer, you can still get a privacy filter for your machine as these screens come in three main types:

1. CRT or Cathode Ray Tube privacy filter
2. LCD monitor privacy filter
3. Laptop privacy screen

A laptop privacy screen generally is a thin piece of plastic material that can be fitted on your portable computer’s screen. This film of plastic has either small panels or louvers that distort or blacks out images when seen at different angles than directly in front of the screen.

A laptop privacy screen is very easy to install as they come with clips or brackets that you can easily attach to your portable computer’s monitor. No matter what size your monitor or portable computer is, you can get a privacy filter that will surely fit it because these items come in all sizes for your display.

Using a laptop privacy screen has three main benefits which are glare protection, screen protection and of course privacy.

Glare protection – these privacy filters are treated with anti glare coating so it is easier to view your portable computer even in high glare conditions like in sunlight while outdoors, in a brightly lit café, etc. This privacy filter benefit also makes sure that your eyes don’t get tired too easy having to adjust with your screen’s light and your environment.

Screen Protection –another benefit of using a laptop privacy screen is that it also protects your portable computer’s screen from dirt, smudges, fingerprints, scratches and any other damages that are associated with every day usage.

Privacy Protection- this advantage makes you keep the images in your screen private which enables you to go through with your task without feeling that you are being spied on. Even if your work requires that you handle or look into sensitive data, you can take it outdoors or in public because you are sure that your laptop privacy screen can shield this from prying eyes.

A laptop privacy screen is also cheap and prices range from $20 to $150 USD depending on the size, quality and brand.

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