Internet Advantage weekly sum-up week 49

A new week, a new weekly sum-up! Read our selection of the most important articles and updates here!

Nielsen social media rapport 2012
Last week research institute Nielsen presented their annual social media report.
This report shows that the use of social media on mobile devices exploded in 2012. Not only because there are simply a lot more smart-phones, but also because the use of special apps and mobile websites increased. Facebook remains the largest social media platform worldwide, but Pinterest emerged as the fasted growing social media (+1047%)

3 Holiday PPC Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers With Thousands of Products
With the holidays coming closer, it is time to become more critical about your AdWords campaigns. In this post David Jaeger is giving some tips for e-retailers that they should using for the holidays. He talks about the procedure of reporting, how to target Long-tail product names and matching keyword landing pages vs. category landing pages.

Don’t build links, build bubbles…
This article describes how you can use Google+ to spread the content of your website through the Google search engine. In the article they explain very well what the consequences are for the personal searchresults if somebody gives your website a +1 or if they follow your company on Google+.

Trust and SEO
Unlike other marketing channels, it is very unpredictable what the revenue of turnover or ROI percentage will be from SEO channels. That’s why it is important to gain trust from your client and their employees. Claire Thompson listed a couple of factors to take into consideration: Earning the trust of the search engines and beyond.

The future of SEO in 2012
The year is almost over and that means it is time for the typical ‘predictions-for-the-new-year’ lists. Even in the SEO-World they are making these lists. At they asked a great host of SEO´s for their opinion regarding the SEO developments for 2013.

Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy
Distilled made a nice analysis of the SEO strategy that is behind the website of The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Based on this analysis they give some useful tips. As we could expect, links are the main factor for this site, but it is nice to see how they used their community to gain this large amount of links.

SEO dead?
Every once in a while there is an online marketer who claims that ‘SEO is dead’. These statements always provoke a lot of discussion, and can thus work as great linkbait. But from this infographic we can see that nothing is what it seems; SEO is still growing, and the general budget for SEO is increasing dramatically (60%).
Your 2013 Enterprise SEO Campaign
Google put a lot of effort in the integration of different factors, among whom the influence of social media on websites. Jin Yu outlines what his view is on Enterprise SEO (not related to the size of the enterprise), and which channels and data you can use for this.

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