Guide To Buying Mini Laptop Computers

Mini laptop computers are among one of the hottest items around for the upcoming Christmas season. Due to the affordable price and the popularity of social sights the mini computers are becoming more and more popular among all age groups.

So what is a Mini Laptop Computer? Mini Laptops are designed mainly for use with the internet and media applications. People are able to surf the next and exchange pictures and do everything they need for writing a paper or compiling a spreadsheet. Its not however a laptop computer that you would play high end games. The person that would be in need of a mini laptop computer would be the one who is looking for an easy to carry internet accessible machine. They have great battery life and can be carried in most women’s purses.

Most mini laptop computers come in the 7 to 10 in range. Meaning they have a 7 or 10 in LCD Monitor. Most only weigh around 2 to 3 pounds and range in price from 200 to 800 dollars. There are many mini laptop reviews on the web today but here I will try to explain the best way to go about buying a mini laptop.

The first thing that you must know before purchasing a laptop is to know what you’re going to use it for. What are you looking for it to be able to do and how much are you willing to spend. Are you looking for something that is light weight and you can get internet access or are you’re looking for a machine that can handle games? These questions are critical to the fact that you don’t want to buy something that will not meet your expectations. For instance if your looking for a gaming laptop then you will need to look for a regular size laptop that has plenty of processor power and video card ability. If you’re looking to just surf the internet and type a paper then the mini laptops are great for this purpose and are far less cheaper.

Second thing when looking at mini notebooks is that you probably want to go with a screen larger than the 7 mini laptop. The 10 mini laptop computers are much nicer because you are able to see the font and everything very well. With the smaller screens you begin to have a hard time seeing the fonts etc. You also will find that the small sized ones are not as powerful as the larger 10in laptops. All in all it’s just a better choice to go with the larger of the mini laptops.

Third thing you want to make sure you do is get the upgraded 6-cell battery for your netbook. You may have to pay more for it but you will love it much more in the long run since you will have around 3 hours more of time to use your mini laptop pc before having to plug it in. The only downside to the 6 cell is that it weights more. You can find Toshiba mini laptop and HP mini laptop will have several that offer 6 cell batteries.

The forth thing you should make sure of is that the keypad is a good fit for you. You don’t want to end up finding out later down the road that your hands cramp up or that it just doesn’t fit you well. So before purchasing make sure that you read reviews and give it a try yourself if possible before buying it. Though purchasing online is much cheaper than in the stores so you may want to take a look at them and come back online and find them at a lower rate.
The fifth thing you should be checking is all the features. Most mini laptops do not provide a DVD drive. You may however have a portable one that you might be able to use. It all depends on the features that it offers with the software and if it’s compatible to do so.

Over all you just want to do your homework before you purchase something right away. Make sure people give it good reviews and that it’s well liked online. And look around and price check the internet to make sure you get the lowest rate possible. No one ever wants to spend more than they have to. Well good luck and happy shopping. If you have any questions you can feel free to leave a comment here and I will respond as soon as I can.

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