Cheap Student Laptops – Why Pay For Unnecessary Features

If you are a student just about to go off to college, you have probably been out hunting for cheap new laptops, and while it might be possible to get by with just a desktop, you cannot exactly take them with you to the student lounge or library in order to study.

In most cases your only real option is to get yourself a good cheap student laptop; but finding one cheap enough is not always that easy. Most students do not have the money for a new laptop so they start searching for a used laptop or even a cheap student laptop.

Perhaps the first place they check is at the electronics outlet store, and they may get a glimpse of a good laptop for only a couple hundred, with tons of instant messages and mail in rebates. In reality though, these are not cheap laptops for student because while signing up to the service may be free, the monthly fees will eventually cost more than the laptop is worth.

Furthermore, when it comes to cheap student laptops, while having all of the latest technologies is great, do you really need them? Remember, every extra feature you choose will increase the price you will have to pay for the laptop.

As a student you need to determine exactly what you need from your laptop. Things like word processing, internet and email capabilities, as well as music downloads and photo editing are must haves. Once you have decided what you need, from there you need to figure out what features the cheap laptop for students must have. This will include processor speed, RAM as well as drives, both digital and optical.

Above all, do not forget to look at the processor. An AMD processor is much cheaper in comparison to an Intel processor and when you decide to go with the AMD, you will find out that it really makes it easier to find cheap student laptops.

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