New Posts on GWT Something Is Happening At Google

We have all witnessed the modifications made by Google to their algorithm in recent years. We understand that these changes are always intended to benefit the user and, above all, the websites that, in terms of optimization, faithfully carry out the directives of the search engine. Search results have to be as reliable, efficient and effective as possible; that is what we all want and what Google works towards.

The First Messages: March–June 2012
In pursuit of constant improvement, during the months of March and June Google dedicated itself to sending warning messages, to many webmasters, relating to unnatural links they had identified. The message was as follows (in Google Webmaster Tools):

Web masters tools links

These messages, according to the explanation from Google, were sent because they had detected violations against their quality guidelines. It is important to mention that at the time, Google said these messages had been sent after detailed analyses of the websites which, in turn, recommended the execution of changes to the site and the removal of unnatural links.

Nevertheless, the receipt of this message does not mean that the site was penalized. In fact, one had to consider other factors (specifically a fall in traffic during this period) in order to draw conclusions about whether the site had been penalized or whether it was simply supposed to be a warning to take into consideration.

Many websites received this message and, in the sector, the issue was a point of analysis and reflection. The webmasters and those in charge of websites that received the messages began to take interest (we received many external queries about it). The seriousness of the message was never doubted and the parties involved, to a greater or lesser extent, were interested in analysing their link profile and proceeding in accordance with the recommendations of the search engine.

Controversial Messages
However, last week Google returned to send the same message once again in the form of a warning. On 19th July many sites received a message through GWT about unnatural links (links that are exactly the same, with the same words). To everyone’s surprise, Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Webspam Team), came out to say that the message shouldn’t spread panic and clarified that it was a product of identifying some individual links that generated suspicion for them (for more information of this subject you can read more at their Google Plus account).

In conclusion, they have sent a message using the same words but to identify two different things. Before, the message was a product of a global analysis but, now, that same message is about the identification of an individual link or links that create suspicion. Previously we had to take it all into account, but now, what should we do? Do we ignore it? Something is definitely happening at Google. Something that is creating a certain degree of confusion. Danny Sullivan has some interesting thoughts on the matter in his article: Google Updates Link Warnings To (Sort Of) Clarify They Can Be Ignored (Maybe)

But there’s more. After this message, on July 23rd to be specific, the same accounts that received the above message received another message entitled Unnatural Inbound Links, which reads:

Unnatural inbound links

Here the message is clearer. They explain more coherently that they have detected some links that point to sites that may be violating the guidelines. However, they maintain their recommendation to remove any unnatural link. In my opinion, the positive aspect of this message is that (different to before) Google recognises that some links are out of the webmaster’s control. The rest of the message follows the traditional Google line.

Therefore, following the above information, we recommend conducting a link profile analysis and, more generally, analysing the possible causes of having received the message. However, if there is no change in site traffic, no change in rankings or visibility, there is really no need to be concerned as to why the message was sent. Be sure that we will have more information soon.

Make me a viral. I want you to make me a viral !!

Don’t tell me… you want a viral too? Everybody these days wants a viral for their brand or business! However let´s be honest, sometimes it’s just not possible.

Broadly speaking, there are three ways to make viral content. It’s worth pointing out that not everything can be ´viralised´ nor is everything important enough for people to share it, but for us it is the most important information in the world.

So let’s have a look at the three ways to make a viral. Of course there are variations and other strategies, but here are the ones I think are the three main ways

1. The funny one that isn’t looking for anything in return
The first is the one in which you do something stupid or funny at home, like recording your dog sleeping like a human, or recording your twins talking like adults in their own little language. You know it’s funny so you upload it, but you’re not actively looking for anything to come of it with regards to your business, and the audience knows this as well. This is what encourages people to share your content, and ultimately for it to go viral.

2. The one that doesn’t break the bank, but uses good resources and material
Another way is to create something that doesn’t necessarily require a big budget, but is something really, really original. Create content that is different and unique, something that grabs your attention as well as having an effect on your business, and you will see the benefits. An example of this is Justin Baldoni, who went all out on the creative front when he made a video of himself proposing to his girlfriend. Justin is an actor and counts a video producer amongst his contacts, therefore he has resources at hand that others of us don’t. The good thing was, with it being advertised everywhere, there wasn’t a girlfriend anywhere in the world that didn’t see the video and then show it to their boyfriend… “Look how sweet this is”.

If you’re going to watch it, you should know that it’s 27 of the most romantic and cutest minutes you’re ever going to see. You’ve been warned.

Something similar was the video Xuso Jones posted of himself singing at a McDonald’s drive-thru… something so silly that it got his name out there and ended up launching his music career. Had it ever occurred to anyone before to make up a song for ordering at a McDonald’s drive-thru? No, and that was the key to its success. (And as it’s so catchy… let’s see who can get it out of their head first…).

3. The unlimited budgets of the big firms
And finally, we turn our attention to the big companies who set aside astronomical amounts for advertising. Obviously with such a large budget and a creative team at hand, it’s possible to create virals like those seen in 2013. Get an entire airport on its feet? Mount a film set in a café? Fill the metro with music? Not a problem if you can pay for it.

We can see in the Volkswagen and Nivea campaigns below, just what amazing things can be made if the necessary means are available. As well as the millions of Youtube views it brings, through people sharing it thousands of times and uploading it on their own channels etc.

That’s not to say people with more modest budgets cannot achieve the viral they perhaps deserve. It just means we have to think a little bit harder given the limitations, and to try and come up with something that our audience has never seen before.

Before investing resources into a viral video, it’s best to stop and think to yourself: is what we’re to going to make interesting, fun or useful? In what format are we going to present it? And what strategy are we going to implement in order for it to catch fire? Only then can we ensure that it’ll be successful.

Local SEO tools – 7 great tools for optimizing Google Places listing

Optimizing your Places listing is very important in order to appear in searches. There are many factors in play that you can check out in David Mihms Ranking factors , some of the main points that you need to pay attention to are:

Associate your business with the proper categories;
Get a significant volume of structured and unstructured citations;
Get a significant volume of reviews of the business;
Optimize the description of the listing with the product or service keyword
Crawlable address matching Place Page Address
Now, how can I add the perfect categories to my listing or where can I find sites where I can add citations or reviews that will matter to Google?

Here is a list of some of my favorite tools that provide information for optimizing your Google Places listing and more:

Getting Categories right
Google Places Category Tool: Mike Blumenthal created this great tool which helps you search and choose the most relevant categories for your Google Local Business listing.

It is important to add as many categories as you can that are actually related to your business, but I do not really recommend making up these categories. So, it is important to find out what Google has already predefined as valid categories and make sure that we use those to describe our business. The problem is that Google doesn’t really tells us what the categories are. Here is where this useful tool comes in. Type in a word that describes your business and the tools tells you what are the predefined categories you can use, like you can see in the example below for the search “gym”:

Finding the citations and review sources:
Now that I have my categories defined, I need to get some citations. But what exactly are citatations? Citations are defined as “mentions” of your business name and address on other webpages, even if there is no link to your website. Citations are a key component of the ranking algorithms of the major search engines; they are the equivalent of links to organic rankings. Other things being equal, businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations.

Here are some great tools to find sources of where you can get those mentions:

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: Excellent tool that finds citations for top-ranked businesses for specific local queries in Google:

Local Search Toolkit ( This great free tool, that not only provides you information about where your competitors are getting their citations but also information about the categories they are using and the number of reviews they have, the site’s title tag, number of photos, videos, whether it’s claimed and distance from city center for a query:

BuzzStream for Link Building is another great tool that that performs several searches in Google in order to find directories, or sites with guest post opportunities and product reviews.

Google: There is a great post by Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz where he gives examples of searches in Google ( that can help you find citations:

Discussion Search + Local Keywords (
Image searches for: (
Competitors’ Business Names,
city + business type,
products/services + city and
All of the above with neighborhood names instead of city
Events Calendars, Sponsorships + Donations
City + events calendar
Local sponsorship + city
City + donations
City + Business Type + Listings / Businesses / Results

Crawlable Address that matches your listing
Schema Creator: Schema creator is a great and easy tool that you can use to create rich markup that will help localize your content. You can display your business address in format so that it is easier for search engines to understand and interpret that information:

General Analysis of your listing gives a score to your listing from 0-100 depending how effectively your business is taking advantage of free listings at the major search engines and gives you recommendations on how to improve. The only information you need to provide is your business name and Zip Code:

Observation: Unfortunately this tool does not work as great for businesses with listings outside the United States

I hope you enjoyed this post and find these tools useful. If you want to add other tools to this list you are welcome to suggest more local SEO tools in the comments. Also if you want to give your opinion on any of these tools and share your experience you are welcome to do so. I hope you enjoyed this post and find these tools useful.

Internet Advantage weekly sum-up week 50

This week we have another sum-up of the most important online marketing news. Read here the most interesting SEO-, linkbuilding and SEA-news of week 50.

What the world was searching in 2012
The year 2012 was the year of Gagnam Style, Whitney Houston, the Ipad3, and Hurricane Sandy. At least that’s what the Zeitgeist-report of Google says. This report lists the most searched subjects of 2012. The report can be narrowed down by country, or worldwide.

12 PPC lessons from someone with 12 years of experience
Smart people learn from their mistakes, smarter people learn from the mistakes of others. Read here what Jeff Allen learned from his mistakes in his 12 years of PPC campaigns.

How to plan a linkbuilding campaign.
Linkbuilding can be very difficult. You never know for sure if your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with valuable links. But if you stick to your linkbuilding-planning, you will know that at least you have done everything to make it successful.
Paddy Moogan describes the best preparation of a linkbuilding-campaign.

The search for dead links
“Broken link building” is a linkbuilding tactic in which you contact the webmasters of other websites to indicate some dead links on their website. You then obviously give them an alternative link to your website. Russ Jones explains very well how to carry out broken link building.

Should you buy paid links?
Google punishes more and more websites with an unnatural linkprofile. Sometimes this is deservedly because of the purchase of links, but there are also a lot of cases of punished sites that didn’t purchase any links. Julie Joyce wonders how linkbuilding will develop in 2013. Is it wrong to buy links or should you actually do it?

Don´t leave the second biggest search engine unused.
If you consider the search function of YouTube as a search engine, it is, after Google, the world’s largest search engine. Therefore, a good YouTube Channel can generate a lot of traffic to your website. In this article on Search Engine Watch they describe the 7 basic steps for YouTube success.

Rumours in the SEO-world.

There was a lot of discussion going on this week in the SEO-world. A blogpost on from Paul Boag about the (un)importance of SEO really annoyed Yoast (Joost de Valk). Yoast dedicated a new blogpost to his vision of SEO and gave some sturdy feedback on the article of Paul. A lot of SEO´s then commented on the article of Paul. This is a very interesting read for SEO’s!

New: Mobile advertisements for people with ‘fat fingers’.
Google made a big change in the functioning of mobile advertisements. The so called ‘fat fingers problem’ is now solved. Read all about it on the Search Engine Journal.

Internet Advantage weekly sum-up week 49

A new week, a new weekly sum-up! Read our selection of the most important articles and updates here!

Nielsen social media rapport 2012
Last week research institute Nielsen presented their annual social media report.
This report shows that the use of social media on mobile devices exploded in 2012. Not only because there are simply a lot more smart-phones, but also because the use of special apps and mobile websites increased. Facebook remains the largest social media platform worldwide, but Pinterest emerged as the fasted growing social media (+1047%)

3 Holiday PPC Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers With Thousands of Products
With the holidays coming closer, it is time to become more critical about your AdWords campaigns. In this post David Jaeger is giving some tips for e-retailers that they should using for the holidays. He talks about the procedure of reporting, how to target Long-tail product names and matching keyword landing pages vs. category landing pages.

Don’t build links, build bubbles…
This article describes how you can use Google+ to spread the content of your website through the Google search engine. In the article they explain very well what the consequences are for the personal searchresults if somebody gives your website a +1 or if they follow your company on Google+.

Trust and SEO
Unlike other marketing channels, it is very unpredictable what the revenue of turnover or ROI percentage will be from SEO channels. That’s why it is important to gain trust from your client and their employees. Claire Thompson listed a couple of factors to take into consideration: Earning the trust of the search engines and beyond.

The future of SEO in 2012
The year is almost over and that means it is time for the typical ‘predictions-for-the-new-year’ lists. Even in the SEO-World they are making these lists. At they asked a great host of SEO´s for their opinion regarding the SEO developments for 2013.

Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy
Distilled made a nice analysis of the SEO strategy that is behind the website of The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Based on this analysis they give some useful tips. As we could expect, links are the main factor for this site, but it is nice to see how they used their community to gain this large amount of links.

SEO dead?
Every once in a while there is an online marketer who claims that ‘SEO is dead’. These statements always provoke a lot of discussion, and can thus work as great linkbait. But from this infographic we can see that nothing is what it seems; SEO is still growing, and the general budget for SEO is increasing dramatically (60%).
Your 2013 Enterprise SEO Campaign
Google put a lot of effort in the integration of different factors, among whom the influence of social media on websites. Jin Yu outlines what his view is on Enterprise SEO (not related to the size of the enterprise), and which channels and data you can use for this.

Touch Screen Laptop: Benefits for Users

Right now the number of people using touch screen laptop is increasing. There are many benefits that they can get when using a laptop with touch screen. Most of them find out that touch screen are more practical than the standard one. It is practical because it does not require a space for keyboard. It means that the size of the laptop is small. The compact size allows the users to bring it everywhere conveniently. This laptop is therefore an ideal gadget for business travelers and other people who do a lot of mobility. They can conveniently use their laptop every time and everywhere. Users also find it convenient because they do not need to use a mouse anymore. Users just need to use their fingers to directly check the screen. Due to its convenience and practicality, this laptop is also favorable for students. As all we know, students like to bring a lot of stuff in their bag pack. Bringing a big laptop with keyboard will be troublesome. Moreover, young people like to use a gadget in the latest model.


A touch screen laptop, in some ways is more durable than a conventional laptop. It is because this type of laptop has fewer components as found in a standard monitor. As an illustration, a standard monitor has a keyboard. This part has related circuits and detached keys which can get broken easily. In addition, it can get damaged due to crumbs, dust, or improper use. A touch screen, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and protect as it does not have many parts. Furthermore, users will find that this laptop can be operated very quickly. Directly touching to the screen is much faster than clicking the mouse.


Another major benefit from a touch screen is the appearance. Some people who find it difficult to use touch screen still want to buy a laptop with that screen because they think that the appearance is more modern, sleek, and stylist. Touch screen gadgets including laptop is becoming a part of someone’s lifestyle. This modern feature makes the laptop more sophisticated. What do you think? Do you also agree that touch screen laptops offer a number of benefits to the users? You may want to buy one, too. Right now there are a lot of manufactures producing various touch screen laptops with many features at competitive price.

Top 5 Gaming Laptops under 1000 Dollars Available in the Market

Gaming laptops are very popular for those who are crazy about playing games. Are you a true gamer? If you are really are, of course having a good laptop specially designed for gaming is a necessity. Standards laptops are insufficient for a gamer like you because they only have standard specifications. So, what are the good laptops for gaming? People may say that the laptop must be Toshiba, Apple, or Lenovo. In fact, the brand is not the case. What you need to know is the specs of the laptop. With a lot of features, of course the price of gaming laptop is not cheap. If you are looking for inexpensive gaming laptop, you can read the top 5 gaming laptops under 1000 dollars reviewed below.

1. Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A
Apple MacBook is known as its expensive price. But the Air MD23 series is not. You can purchase this gaming laptop only at $953.99 from Amazon. What can you get with only 1000 dollars? The answer is “a lot”. This laptop offers you a Intel Core i5 Dual-Core Processing, Integrated HD FaceTime Webcam, High-speed Thunderbolt, Multi-Touch gestures, Flash Memory Storage, and more. With these specifications, it can accommodate the needs of average users especially those who love to play games. Overall, it is a lightweight great laptop which is worth the money. If you have never used Apple system before, it can be your first Apple laptop that you will love the most.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13
This is the latest ultra book from Lenovo. There are three words to describe this laptop: beautiful, fast, and sleek. This is probably a powerful laptop you are looking for. With Intel Core i7-3537U processors supported with Window 8 OS, this compact laptop can be used to play your favorite games. With 2 GHz processor speed, you can play the games conveniently. This laptop is also beautiful in terms of appearance. It comes in minimalist design and silver grey color. If your budget is only 1000 dollars, this will be one of the best laptops you can afford. You can buy it from Amazon at $921.82. According to Amazon, 6 out of 10 most recent reviews gave five stars to this laptop. From the gaming laptops reviews, there are only two users saying this laptop has a problem with the Wi-Fi. But, it seems that Wi-Fi problem does not have something to do with the laptop. It is more on the connection.

3. Dell Inspiron 17 i17RM
For a cheaper price but similar performance, you can consider Dell Inspiron 17 i17RM. Compared to other laptops with Intel Core i7 processor, Dell is a little bit cheaper. It is available in Amazon at $775.00. The audio and video graphic are excellent so you can play any HD games you like. However, it has large screen that is 17.3″. It will be perfect for you if you like large display.

4. Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/A

Another affordable gaming laptop from Apple is the MacBook Air MD711LL/A. It is more or less the same as the MD231LL/A version. This series is a little bit slimmer and smaller. It is also more superior in terms of the HD graphic. Moreover, with this laptop you can play a game 9 hours nonstop without replacing your battery. Overall it is a truly great laptop. In Amazon, there is no serious problem issued by users.

5. ASUS Taichi 21-DH51

Asus also has some options for gaming laptops. One of them is the Taichi 21-DH51. It has an aero-dynamic and sleek shape. Combined a notebook and tablet platform, this gadget offers great sophistication. The specifications include Intel core i7 processor, genuine windows 8, 256GB SSD, 4GB memory, and Intel HD 4000 graphic. These features are more than enough to play any games. This laptop is an ideal choice for gamers who like to travel as it is very portable and lightweight. Now, you already know the top 5 gaming laptops under 1000 dollars. So, which laptop do you want to buy? Bear in mind that you choice will depend a lot on the type of games you play. So, inspect further before you come into a final decision.

Good Cheap Laptops – Are Brand Names Important?

Many people are looking for good cheap laptops and for good reason too. While there may be many laptops out there that are very affordable, you have to look at the features that come with the laptop, and if it is lacking the features you want, then it cannot be good.

You will have to spend the time comparing the various laptops out there to determine a good balance that is right for your needs. Unfortunately all too often people turn to the names that they hear everyday on the television, in the newspapers and even over the airwaves. These brand named computers may be good, but also keep in mind that you are also paying for a name as well as the cheap notebook features you need.

There are many good cheap laptops available out there to choose from that are not named brands; at least they may not be a brand that you have heard of, but they could be a well known brand name in places like Korea and Japan. Sometimes you can find very good laptops at extremely low prices, and while you may turn them down because they are not a Dell or an IBM, before you completely decide to look elsewhere, hop on the internet and do some research and you may be very surprised.

It is important to remember that cheap laptops or notebooks can in fact be found virtually anywhere and all that you need to do to find them, is to open your eyes and not allow yourself to be blinded by what you assume is the best just because of a name.

Just remember, there was a day when people thought that 4 cylinder engines lacked in quality and today they are the number one sellers worldwide. Why pay for a name brand when you can get good cheap new laptops that are possibly higher quality than the brand names you know well.

Cheap Student Laptops – Why Pay For Unnecessary Features

If you are a student just about to go off to college, you have probably been out hunting for cheap new laptops, and while it might be possible to get by with just a desktop, you cannot exactly take them with you to the student lounge or library in order to study.

In most cases your only real option is to get yourself a good cheap student laptop; but finding one cheap enough is not always that easy. Most students do not have the money for a new laptop so they start searching for a used laptop or even a cheap student laptop.

Perhaps the first place they check is at the electronics outlet store, and they may get a glimpse of a good laptop for only a couple hundred, with tons of instant messages and mail in rebates. In reality though, these are not cheap laptops for student because while signing up to the service may be free, the monthly fees will eventually cost more than the laptop is worth.

Furthermore, when it comes to cheap student laptops, while having all of the latest technologies is great, do you really need them? Remember, every extra feature you choose will increase the price you will have to pay for the laptop.

As a student you need to determine exactly what you need from your laptop. Things like word processing, internet and email capabilities, as well as music downloads and photo editing are must haves. Once you have decided what you need, from there you need to figure out what features the cheap laptop for students must have. This will include processor speed, RAM as well as drives, both digital and optical.

Above all, do not forget to look at the processor. An AMD processor is much cheaper in comparison to an Intel processor and when you decide to go with the AMD, you will find out that it really makes it easier to find cheap student laptops.

Cheap New Laptops – Deciding What Is Important

Looking for and buying cheap new laptops does not have to be a difficult task if you know what you are doing. First of all you need to take the time to look at what you plan on using your new laptop for, and then from there, you will be able to determine what specs you are going to need on the cheap notebook in order to use the laptop computer the way you intended to.

Most of all though, do not just simply go and buy the bare-bones laptop from the discount outlet store just because it is a well known name brand. Instead look around at the various outlets in your area and you may find there are some laptops that come with tons more features at a much lower price.

Do not discount a cheap new laptop simply on the basis that you have never heard the name before, while it may not be a brand name laptop in the area you live, that does not mean that it is not a well known brand name where it was produced.

After you have taken the time choosing exactly what you need the cheap notebook for and have determined what features, like memory and processor speed, you need to do these tasks, take a moment to look at the name of the processor. Sure everyone has heard of Intel and as a result they assume that their processors are better, but in fact in most cases an AMD will out perform the Intel and do it a greatly reduced cost.

There are many great cheap new laptops out there for you to choose from and rather than getting the name brand from the major outlet, shop around all over town and do not forget to research the laptop online and you may just find that it is a better option then you had given it credit for.